co-op duties

Everyone who works in the centre earns the same wage. All work is valued equally.


Both staff and parents will be on the Board of Directors. All involved in the centre have the right to sit on the Board.


There is no boss. All decisions are made by consensus as a collective through staff meetings and committees of the Board of Directors or collective.


There should be 100 per cent participation in all aspects of the centre by parents and staff.




The centre is run as a parent-staff co-operative and parent contribution is required to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the daycare.  The minimum required duties to be a member at Capital Daycare is to do the laundry generated by the daycare, scheduled on a rotational basis.  Parents are also asked to attend the Annual General Meeting which occurs in the fall. The main purpose of this important meeting are function is to approve the Audited Financial Statements and minutes from the previous year, elect a parent Board of Directors and give an over-view of the past year by the President of the Board.




Similar to many non-profit organizations, Capital Day Care uses a Board of Directors to oversee the operation of the center. The Board is the governing body of the centre; it is the final decision maker for programming, policy, planning, and the allocation of funds for the centre. It is comprised of at least 6 parents and 2 staff members along with the day care’s coordinator. The board meets monthly in the evening at the center and possibly as more if needed throughout the year.